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Is THAT your logo?

Have you looked at your logo lately?

Does it look professional?  Does it accurately represent your business?  What it is saying to your customers or clients?

And more importantly, is it visible on your website?

Your logo communicates so much about your brand in an instant and becomes the backbone to your marketing and communications.

You want it to be recognizable and eye-catching.

If it's missing its marke or it doesn't match your target audience - the costs to your business can be immense. Put simply, your logo is priceless.

Having the logo prominent on your website is how your customers will recognize you.

Are you looking to rebrand? Or does your log need a refresh?

After all, you don't want people say, "is THAT your log?"

Here's a few resources to refresh or get a new logo.  All offer excellent price ranges as well as outstanding service:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Logo Nerds
  3. Envato Studio

Best of luck!


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