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Attract the right clients so you can get paid what you're worth.

Too many women miss out on opportunities because clients don't recognize the value of their products and services.

My easy to understand digital marketing solutions help you share the right message with your ideal client so they can appreciate your worth and are happy to pay your asking fees.

How to Get Clients to Understand Your Value and Happy to Pay You What You're Worth


Upgrade to a smart marketing website that fully represents your professionalism and expertise.


Replace your haphazard approach with smart planning of posts that reflect your business and appeals to your ideal client.


Make it easy for your ideal clients to find you in their Google search results and other major search engines.

My mission is to help women business owners get comfortable AND more sales with digital marketing.

I help female business owners get clear on how to get the word out about their products and services. Designed to target your ideal client, you'll increase qualified leads and consistently maintain their interest by using automated marketing.

I have been trained and certified in the following:

  • Certified Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Certified Wordpress Consultant
  • Workshop & speaker for small business organizations
  • Featured expert for the Women's Speaker's Association

"Sonya saved me time and money with a website that is fast loading, modern looking and appeals to my target audience. I'm happy that I can point to prospective clients to a website that showcases my videos and makes me look good!"

Linda Pringle

Founder and Owner, Pringle Business Consulting

"Sonya takes the time to get to know you and understand your needs. I enjoy working with her because she is helpful, explains the process in a way that makes you feel relieved and that you're not wasting your money. She's an expert who educates herself to bring continually quality services to the market."

Lillian Zarzar

Adjunct Professor, Ohio University and Professional Speaker

Showcase Your Expertise and Value with Digital Marketing Solutions

Marketing Smart Website

Websites are the NEW front door to your business. You'll capture the attention of your ideal client with a website designed to address their needs.

Expand Your Reach

Make it very easy for Google to recommend your website to new visitors.

Share Your Message

Use social media to announce important events, share important news or special offers even if you can't squeeze it into your busy schedule.

Grab the Attention of Your Ideal Client

Increase the number of warm leads from your website with a smartly created giveaway that makes your ideal client say, "You've got what I need."

Eliminate Website Shame

Show up as a professional, attract the right clients who respect you, need what you have to offer and happy to pay your worth.

Set and Reach Goals

Measure your online marketing activities to make sure you are getting a return on your investment.

Grow Your Brand Awareness

Similar to Public Relations, use social media strategically to engage with your current or potential customers.

Promote Your Expertise

Easily promote your expertise and influence your potential client's buying decisions with a blog and other content written on topics relevant to your potential clients.

Do They Know Your Worth?

Take this short quiz to see if your website shows off your worth.

Designed for professional speakers, coaches, and consultants.

Even if you don't have a website, use it as a planning tool for your future website.

Once completed, you'll receive my FREE e-book, "A Step-by-Step Plan to Create Worthy Content for Your Website."

Takes about 3 - 4 minutes to complete.

Your roadmap to more sales in 90 days.

1. Discovery Call

We'll talk about you and your business and come up with a clear and concise plan to improve your online presence.

2. Create Your Plan

Whether you need a revampled website or enhanced SEO, your plan will be unique to your business.

3. Grow & Monitor

You're not left alone. We'll monitor how your online goals are progressing and make adjustments along the way.

About Sonya

My easy to understand digital marketing solutions help you share the right message with your ideal client so they can appreciate your worth and are happy to pay your asking fees.

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